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Stream Live Unveils EmpowHER Initiative to Empower Women in Music

At Stream Live, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new initiative, EmpowHER, dedicated to empowering women in the music industry. Recognizing the significant contributions and immense talent of female artists, producers, and industry professionals, EmpowHER aims to create opportunities, provide resources, and foster a supportive community for women at all levels of their careers…..

Stream Live Introduces StreamSpaces: Connecting Music Enthusiasts and Students Worldwide

Stream Live is excited to announce the launch of StreamSpaces, our innovative social media platform designed to revolutionize how music enthusiasts connect, interact, and experience live music. StreamSpaces offers a unique combination of Threads and Concert Halls, creating an immersive environment where users can engage with their favorite artists and fellow music lovers like never before.

What Artists Are Saying

“ I think it’s really cool because it’s very much focused on who the artist is and not trying to change a person’s story or their messaging — at the end of the day it’s a competition but it does have a lot to do with community and bringing artists together to compete in healthy ways — excited to see how this all goes down!”
Caly Bevier
“I’m so appreciative of Stream Live — People don’t have to be in person to see or hear my music and it’s such a powerful way for me and other artists to cross fanbases.”

Mandi Macias
“Stream off will help me connect with my fanbase from all over the world. A live streamed voting competition is such a different idea and what the industry needs right now. “

Web3 Artist